Apr 22 2014

Geese are playing in the puddles

We had a visitor today.  They are a yearly visitor to Waggalott but this couple never stays for long.

geese in puddles

Apr 15 2014

Frosty but melted!

Finally the ice has melted on the pond!  Soon it will be diving season…soon!

Melting 2014

Apr 13 2014

April 12 agility trial at Dream Fields

Zeus took another stab at Advanced Jumpers.  He did pretty good until I decided to send him away into a tunnel (#11) and he went behind it to check out something interesting to sniff!  If I only would have stayed with him we could have got it!  Darn!  I must remember to keep connected with him when we run.  Here’s our course and video!

Advanced Jumpers Apr_12_2014 Janet Lundy

Gambles was a little tough and we ended up having 2 reruns but still didn’t get it!  Zeus was not connected at all and was more concerned about sniffing.  It was a tough starter gamble.

Starter gamble Apr_12_2014 Shelley Price