Apr 11 2014

Spring 2014 at Waggalott

Wow!  Everything is finally melting BUT there is so much water everywhere!  The pond has never been this full and the agility field looks like a swimming pool!  Looks like it will be at least until May before any equipment can go out!

agility field spring 2014 beach spring 2014 island spring 2014

Apr 8 2014

Happy Birthday, Zeus!

Little boy is now 3 years old!  Happy birthday, little dude!

Zeus 3rd b-day

Apr 7 2014

Ottie the Otter!

Looks like we have a tenant living on the pond!  For the few years we always thought it was muscrats living under the cedars but it turns out that it’s an otter!  We’ve named “it” Ottie but we are not sure if it is a male or female.  It was chowing down on fish and frogs today and we managed to capture a few pictures of it in action!

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1