May 19 2014

Fields are ready for the 2014 agility season!

Finally, setup is complete for the 2014 agility season.  Hurray!  New “rules of play” will be posted along with the updated waiver.


May 18 2014

Look at Moxy go!

Not a bad picture from the fun match at Dogz, May 18, 2014!

Moxy tire

May 18 2014

Poochie does agility one more time at 15!

Poochie came out to the fun match at Dogz this past Sunday, May 18, 2014.   We did one last jumpers run.  He had so much fun coming out to play again!  He can’t see or hear very well anymore but LOVED getting cookies all day.  Good boy, Poochie-Bear!


Poochie’s run: