Jun 25 2015

Culvert + New Driveway Installation happening soon!

The dates have been booked!  The culvert and new driveway are being installed the last week of June 2015.  Exciting!




We’re hiring Tackaberry to help out out…hopefully the equipment isn’t this big!


Jun 17 2015

June 2015 has lots of rain!

The fields are being flooded with all the rain we have been getting!

The fields of Waggalott are becoming the Lakes of Waggalott!


June 2015 rain and more rain

Jun 7 2015

and the construction begins!

What better way to start a construction project than with a “new” tractor!  Meet JD…the newest addition to the Waggalott construction crew!  We decided to go “retro” with a 1975 John Deere 920 model.  We’re that much closer to a new access to the fields!  Woohoo!

Here’ it is right before purchase:


Here’s JD on it’s way home!