Sep 8 2015

Hello little guy!

Saved this one from Raven’s jaw’s this morning!  I tried to get him off the deck but he decided to grab onto the railing.  Perfect photo op!

Tree Frog

Sep 7 2015

Time for some equipment tuneups!

The “bumblebee” weaves were starting to look a little sad out in the field.  They’re in the process of getting a fresh paint job!  The wooden double jump is in worse shape than I thought but a fresh coat of paint should help keep it ok for at least another season!

Equipment tuneups

Sep 6 2015

JD needs a barn! Construction continues…

Apparently once you have a tractor, you need a barn!  Construction of the shelter for the tractor begins!  Good thing we have a great construction crew!


IMG_20150906_143733 IMG_20150906_144537 IMG_20150906_150224 IMG_20150906_153014 IMG_20150906_154030 IMG_20150906_163028 IMG_20150906_170922 IMG_20150907_123453